COVID-19 Visual Information on Twitter (Part 4)

Note: Started this collection March 17 (and went backwards from there, then forward, to assemble a lot of the VI I’d been seeing on Twitter regarding COVID-19, coronavirus, global pandemic – however you’d like to refer to this). The first page quickly filled up, and started loading slow, so I started page two to keep the viewing experience optimal. At this point, there’s so much every day, that I’ll probably just start a new page each week (What day is this? Oh. It’s Monday. What month?)

Part one has the original “intro” I wrote for this (and it’s copy/pasted on part two). Part one contains VI from January 25 – March 31. Part two contains VI from April 1 – 5. Again, I’ll just start a new page weekly, to keep ’em fast loading. Part three has April 6 – 12.

April 19

April 18


April 17




April 16


April 15

Happy Tax Day!

April 14

It is Tuesday. That is the day of the week that is today. Carry on.



April 13


Talk to me, Goose.

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