COVID-19 Visual Information on Twitter (Part 3)

Note: Started this collection March 17 (and went backwards from there, then forward, to assemble a lot of the VI I’d been seeing on Twitter regarding COVID-19, coronavirus, global pandemic – however you’d like to refer to this). The first page quickly filled up, and started loading slow, so I started page two to keep the viewing experience optimal. At this point, there’s so much every day, that I’ll probably just start a new page each week (What day is this? Oh. It’s Monday. What month?)

Part one has the original “intro” I wrote for this (and it’s copy/pasted on part two). Part one contains VI from January 25 – March 31. Part two contains VI from April 1 – 5. Again, I’ll just start a new page weekly, to keep ’em fast loading.

April 12

Happy Easter.

April 11

April 10

April 9

April 8

April 7


April 6


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