A Control Test for Public Information Officers

Calling all Public Information Officer types who feel the never-ending urge to keep our finger on the button overseeing everything and everyone. All the time. Be honest and admit it. Being in control is fun (fun, yeah, I think that’s the right word,) but we should have a little talk … because being a PIO […]

Joint Information Center Management: Equal Parts Ringmaster, Octopus, Psychic

Howdy Folks! It’s a brand new day here in Crisis Commsville, and you’ve just been named Public Information Officer (PIO) of a large-scale incident. Congrats! Hopefully, your first job isn’t tearing the dust-covered shrink-wrap off that ol’ Joint Information Center (JIC) Model. Okay, now what? Let me guess … your phones are ringing incessantly and […]

How to Open Your House

Think of what it would take to throw a large wedding, where the entire town is invited, in a short amount of time. You’ll need a team to divide and conquer the following: