COVID-19 Visual Information on Twitter (Part 2)

Do you have any good infographics about the x part of the coronavirus pandemic that would be good for me to share with group y?

That was, basically, a question in an email from a colleague the other day. It helped me to realize that coronavirus/Covid-19 has, to my eye, been one of the more visually communicated crises on social media in the recent past. Infographics, charts, drawings, announcements – you name it. I realized I had already bookmarked much of this visual information, and I made it a point to continue doing so (after I forwarded along a couple good infographics to my friend).

This will be a dynamic collection, with new pieces added, both forwards and backwards in time, as I go through bookmarks and save new items in the days to come. Much of what I’ve put here is health related (physical, mental and emotional), but there are some other aspects of the pandemic saved here for posterity. I’ll do my best to organize everything by date posted, newest at the top. In most cases, an embedded tweet will display an entire image. In other cases – especially when multiple images are used in a tweet – I’ll extract the image so it’s easier to see, and place it above the source tweet.

There’s a lot left out, here. Many examples that are just news photos. Photos or graphics that may show up in link preview mode, but aren’t actually a clickable element of the tweet (without having to go to a linked page first). Repeated visual information. Graphics that basically don’t say anything (e.g., it’s just the name of the organization on a picture). Etc.

I don’t follow all these accounts – many of these tweets have been RT’d into my timeline, or have displayed on Twitter’s “home” view because of likes, people in my circle following an account, etc.

I don’t endorse a single one of these as a good or bad example, because that’s subjective for much of this (and can be judged in different ways, such as the content or the design). However, zero graphics or photos that contain misinformation/disinformation will be posted here, unless it’s part of a debunk, and obviously so. If you spot something here that is false, please let me know!

(Note: I started this part two of the COVID19 VI because the first page got so full it was taking a long time to load. That page is still on the site and includes everything I added up to and including March 31. This page goes back to and including VI from April 1, and onward)

April 5

April 4



April 2 – 3




April 1

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