What’s the Telos of Your Communication?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “nature always moves toward an end,” the definition of the Greek word telos will be easy to understand: it is the end, purpose or – even better – the completion toward which everything in the world moves. The quote above is Aristotle paraphrased, and so is this, “art imitates […]

The Future is Unwritten

Update (16 May 2014): I posted this piece in a few groups on LinkedIn and communications/PR pros weighed-in on the topic – such good debate (and great, related tips) that I figured it would be good to include here – screen grabs of the conversation at the bottom of this post; rest of this piece is […]

Got Maxims?

Some reading assignments for a few classes got me to thinking about the power I’ve attributed to maxims throughout the years. Sure, they’re more of a “good to have” than a “must have” item, but so is everything else that doesn’t directly contribute to meeting your Maslows. But, as Socrates says in Plato’s Crito, “the […]