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COVID-19 Visual Information on Twitter

Do you have any good infographics about the x part of the coronavirus pandemic that would be good for me to share with group y? That was, basically, a question in an email from a colleague the other day. It helped me to realize that coronavirus/Covid-19 has, to my eye, been one of the more […]

Social Media in Emergency Operations Blog Series: A Model for Aligning Integration with Existing Doctrine

I’ve explored the question of social media integration into operational decision-making during this blog series. I started by introducing readers to the white paper, “From Concept to Reality: Operationalizing Social Media for Preparedness, Response and Recovery,” developed by the Social Media Working Group for Emergency Services and Disaster Management – or SMWGESDM. I followed up with a […]

Public Information Officer Hurricane Response Lessons Learned

A couple of months ago Thomas McKenzie – friend, colleague and frequent contributor here – and I were kicking around ideas for adding a podcast element to this blog. Days later he was deployed to Houston, then Corpus Christi for about three weeks of Hurricane Harvey incident response work. During and after that deployment we […]

Packing for Pear-Shaped: What to Bring to “The Big Uh-Oh”

When my team shows up, something has probably gone very wrong – but we’re at least equipped to deal with it.” I was the first one on the conference call. I hate conference calls. I jotted down the date and time in my notebook and a few things I wanted to ask while I waited […]

What “Dodging a Bullet” Looked Like, Katrina +10

This week and next we’re counting down (and re-posting, etc.) our Top 10 Most Read Pieces of the year. Tie a big bow on 2015, give it away at the office holiday party and get ready for 2016. That kind of thing. Number 8 in the countdown is one of my favorites from the year […]