Social Media and Crisis: 6 Things You Should Do, 2 You Shouldn’t

“Do as I say, not as I do.” I jabbed a man in the eye with a flash drive once for saying that. I prefer, “Do as I say, do as I do,” or, “Don’t do what I don’t do, don’t do what I don’t say.” (wait, what?) What was I getting ready to talk about? […]

Just Give Me the Bad News, Already

If you’re a crisis communicator, you routinely have bad news to give people who are affected by the latest disaster. In the midst of responding to crisis, your job is to build and/or maintain people’s trust and credibility in you and your organization’s abilities. Being transparent with bad news – while telling people what you’re […]

Guns, Drinking Water and Antiterrorism in the Midwest

tl;dr – If there’s a possibility that something your organization is about to do will lead to perceived risks from stakeholders outside the organization, you need to have a risk communication and outreach plan in place before going forward with your operational plan. Americans used the phrase “the new normalcy” to describe how things had […]