Virtuous Crisis Communications

Aristotle’s model of virtue ethics provides clear guidance on how professionals can best communicate with stakeholders during an emergency or disaster. Aristotle believed that the key to life was happiness, and that it was achieved by living virtuously – “all things in moderation,” basically, because in his treatise on the subject every virtue has TWO vices, […]

Non-U.S. Emergency Management Systems

Paul and I have been talking a lot about this lately, and we realize that we’ve come to the point that we need more than the Internet to bridge a gap in our knowledge – we need YOU, fellow subject matter experts in emergency management, public information, crisis communications and/or disaster incident response to give […]

What’s the Telos of Your Communication?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “nature always moves toward an end,” the definition of the Greek word telos will be easy to understand: it is the end, purpose or – even better – the completion toward which everything in the world moves. The quote above is Aristotle paraphrased, and so is this, “art imitates […]

The Future is Unwritten

Update (16 May 2014): I posted this piece in a few groups on LinkedIn and communications/PR pros weighed-in on the topic – such good debate (and great, related tips) that I figured it would be good to include here – screen grabs of the conversation at the bottom of this post; rest of this piece is […]

Triage Your Issues During a Crisis

Emergency room triage is an established practice to do the most good, with the resources available, based on the workload. It is based on the rate of incoming patients, the urgency of each patient’s needs and how complex each individual patient’s situation is. Medical triage changes a bit on the battlefield. The concepts of rate, urgency and complexity […]

Crisis Identification and Management

The first chapter of Kathleen Fearn-Banks’ “Crisis Communications: A Casebook Approach,” covers – as the chapter title indicates – “Crisis Communications Today.” Several topics in the text stood out for me during a recent reading: 1. The importance of being able to clearly define what constitutes a crisis A key point during a discussion of […]