Triage Your Issues During a Crisis

Emergency room triage is an established practice to do the most good, with the resources available, based on the workload. It is based on the rate of incoming patients, the urgency of each patient’s needs and how complex each individual patient’s situation is. Medical triage changes a bit on the battlefield. The concepts of rate, urgency and complexity […]

Crisis Identification and Management

The first chapter of Kathleen Fearn-Banks’ “Crisis Communications: A Casebook Approach,” covers – as the chapter title indicates – “Crisis Communications Today.” Several topics in the text stood out for me during a recent reading: 1. The importance of being able to clearly define what constitutes a crisis A key point during a discussion of […]

Got Maxims?

Some reading assignments for a few classes got me to thinking about the power I’ve attributed to maxims throughout the years. Sure, they’re more of a “good to have” than a “must have” item, but so is everything else that doesn’t directly contribute to meeting your Maslows. But, as Socrates says in Plato’s Crito, “the […]