Putting the “I see!” in ICS for Communicators

It’s 4th and goal, you’ve got the ball, there’s 5 seconds left in the game and your team is down by three. The coach sends you in from the sidelines with the final play of the game, confident that it’ll be a success and lead to victory. You get to the huddle, but decide you […]

Community resilience strategies for long-term recovery

After a webinar I presented to emergency managers on crisis and risk communications during recovery from disaster I was asked, “Do you have a communication strategy for long term recovery?” To which I responded, (and I’m paraphrasing here,) “Yes. I do.” I used more words, but that was the gist. Now, I can’t say for […]

How Crisis Communicators Can Leverage SM Info Flow

  Yours truly. RT @NYPDnews: Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it #myNYPD. pic.twitter.com/olAxGgU4Hs — Justin Wedes (@justinwedes) April 22, 2014 I recently spoke at a two-day all-hazard crisis incident response seminar in Berkeley, Calif., titled, “Thriving in the First 96 Hours.” Among other activities, I […]

Simple Communication Practices for Complex Incidents

At times, a simple incident – whether it be small or large – can become complex quickly, and require more from professional communicators than is the norm for mitigating disaster through their work with the community and media. What makes an incident complex? An increasing magnitude of the incident or larger scope of area and […]

Crisis Communications Job Aids for Your Next Incident

In the overall scheme of things, there’s two ways to manage crisis incident response, and the communications component that is part of it — just wing it and make it up as you go along, or take a systematic approach. I’ve witnessed both, and (spoiler alert!) the former might produce occasional successes (due, mostly, to […]

Building a Joint Information Center

Public opinion has often driven operations during disaster incident response. Successfully establishing and operating a joint information center can make your incident management organization part of the conversation with a well-informed public; not doing so can put you “behind the story,” playing catch-up to rumors and misinformation. When multiple organizations are in the same fight to […]