Steer Toward Right: After Action Reports and Lessons from the Field

Note: A brief introduction, since this is the first  guest post (of many, we hope) from our friend and colleague Thomas McKenzie. Mac isn’t just a PIO, who spends a LOT of time in the field, but is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard’s elite Public Information Assist Team, which is a component of […]

6 Reasons New Orleans Loves the Coast Guard, 10 Years Later

Note: This was adapted from a piece published in March 2014, called “Silver Linings, Federal Response to Katrina,” and is the first of four pieces we’ve put together for the 10-year anniversary of Katrina. Brandon and I reported to the U.S. Coast Guard’s Public Information Assist Team the summer of 2005. Our team was in the disaster zone from […]

Simple Communication Practices for Complex Incidents

At times, a simple incident – whether it be small or large – can become complex quickly, and require more from professional communicators than is the norm for mitigating disaster through their work with the community and media. What makes an incident complex? An increasing magnitude of the incident or larger scope of area and […]

Federal Response to Katrina, Silver Linings

It was projected to hit somewhere between Gulf Shores, Ala. and Houston – a stretch of about 500 miles. We wanted to be as close to the impact as possible before landfall, or it would be too late to do any good. Three teams were positioned at three locations throughout the Gulf region. My team set […]

The #HoCoPolice and the #ColumbiaMall Shooting

There has been a shooting incident at the Columbia mall. No additional details yet. PIO en route. Will update ASAP. — Howard County Police (@HCPDNews) January 25, 2014 Following crisis news in real time is nothing new. Orson Welles proved – at least in theory – in 1938, with his hour-long radio adaptation of War […]