Simple Communication Practices for Complex Incidents

At times, a simple incident – whether it be small or large – can become complex quickly, and require more from professional communicators than is the norm for mitigating disaster through their work with the community and media. What makes an incident complex? An increasing magnitude of the incident or larger scope of area and […]

Who is Reaching Out to You Before Disaster Strikes?

The Tampa Tribune published an article Sunday – the first day of Atlantic hurricane season – highlighting how federal and local response and recovery agencies have taken to social media in the last few years to communicate hazards to the public. The article’s author, Keith Morelli, notes: “Social media has quietly taken over as the […]

Tune-up Your Comms Plan During National Hurricane Preparedness Week

Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1, and U.S. National Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 25-31. If you live and work near the U.S. east or gulf coasts, or in the Caribbean, preparedness week is a good time not only to make sure that you’re prepared in general, but also that you’re prepared to conduct crisis communications in […]

Building a Joint Information Center

Public opinion has often driven operations during disaster incident response. Successfully establishing and operating a joint information center can make your incident management organization part of the conversation with a well-informed public; not doing so can put you “behind the story,” playing catch-up to rumors and misinformation. When multiple organizations are in the same fight to […]

Resilient Crisis Communications

I live in one of the Rockefeller Foundation’s “100 Resilient Cities,” which is a program funding innovative thinking and action to overcome issues that challenge preparedness, response and recovery during crisis. Norfolk for instance, where I make my home, faces issues of serious coastal flooding problems and the inadequacy of its infrastructure to support mass evacuations. Resiliency is easy […]