Disaster Response; the Public Info Officer’s Perspective (Part 1)

Crude oil train accidents in North America have been making headlines the last few years and early this year I “debriefed” my public information officer friend, Thomas, after he returned from a deployment to one of these incidents. He and his crisis communication team had some challenges, to say the least. This piece comes in […]

How to Open Your House

We’re in the midst of counting down the blog’s greatest hits, with the Top 10 Most Read Pieces of 2015. We’ve got a thing for conducting productive community relations during crises, so it’s nice to see that this entry from guest blogger extraordinaire Mariana O’Leary was well-received when we published it a few months ago. […]

What “Dodging a Bullet” Looked Like, Katrina +10

This week and next we’re counting down (and re-posting, etc.) our Top 10 Most Read Pieces of the year. Tie a big bow on 2015, give it away at the office holiday party and get ready for 2016. That kind of thing. Number 8 in the countdown is one of my favorites from the year […]

Being in Lower Manhattan on 9/11

If you’re just joining us, do not adjust your dial! You *are* in the right place. We’re counting down (and re-posting, etc.) our Top 10 Most Read Pieces of the year. #9 is a little Inception-like, since this countdown of the blog’s Greatest Hits is a walk down memory lane (and this post was a […]

Putting the “I see!” in ICS for Communicators

Wow. 2015 sure happened, didn’t it? In the spirit of this season of giving, Paul and I are counting down (and re-sharing, re-posting, re-tweeting, re-facebooking, etc., etc.) our Top 10 Most Read Pieces (look at all those caps!) from this year of the Crisis Communicator blog. We’re continuously blown away by how many people visit […]