Selecting the Right Spokesperson for Crises

In times of crisis, the top communication objectives are typically to provide information to the public that will help them stay safe, that will tell them how they can help your organization to help them, to reassure and to instill confidence. All communication strategies and tactics, therefore, need to be developed with these objectives in […]

SMEM and ICS Training for Comms Pros

If you work in U.S. emergency management, particularly at the local, county or state level, you are probably already aware of the fine courses provided at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute – both the brick-and-mortar schoolhouse in the Maryland panhandle, and via their online presence. I’ve taken several courses at the school over the years, have […]

Crisis Comms 101: Preparing for the Inevitable

Crisis happens. I don’t think that’s a bumper sticker yet, but it should be. A manager who can anticipate the things that can go wrong and has a plan for them is way ahead of the curve. ¬†You don’t have to know when and where crisis might strike in order to formulate a plan. You […]